If you haven’t yet deduced it from the Halloween-inspired costumes, DIY party decor and scary treats popping up all over brit.co, we’re pretty freaking excited about the upcoming haunted holiday. But if, unlike us, you haven’t been eagerly planning your All Hallows’ Eve costume selections for months, it’s okay: we’ve got your back… or, more like, your bag :) Halloween is all about being whatever the heck you wanna be, whether it’s a classic Audrey Hepburn, a brain-eating zombie or just your regular ole self with a really rad purse. If your eyebrow did a little pop when you read that last one, you’re in for a treat (no tricks here!) because we’ve got 30 Halloween-themed purses below for you to check out.

1. Weird Skull Shaped Black Bag ($46): Sassy. A little bit spooky. Perfect for a high-fashion gal who prefers couture to costumes any Halloween night.

2. Leather Halloween Witchboard Clutch ($105): Do you have telepathic powers when it comes to foretelling the next trends that’ll hit the runway? Even if you don’t, this ouija print clutch can certainly do the job.

3. Shelling Out Bag ($45): Ariel, is that you? Oh, sorry, you fooled us with that rocking seashell purse.

4. Black Eyelash Luisa Print Tote ($95): We’re still not sure if this purse is cute or creepy, which makes it a killer bag to tote around on the spookiest night of the year.

5. Zombie Brain Coin Purse ($7): “Brainnssssss. Brainnnssssssss. Brainnnssssss.”

6. Betsey Johnson Ice Cream Cone Wristlet ($68): If you love Halloween for the sweets more than the scares, then show off your sugary side with this fab ice cream cone wristlet from the queen of funky fashion herself!

7. Bat Change Purse ($6): Shhhh. We won’t tell Gotham your little secret, but this change purse just might give it away.

8. Candy Corn Wristlet ($10): If a random stranger starts gnawing on your purse at a Halloween party, don’t be alarmed. This purse looks good enough to eat, after all.

9. Tech Me Out Clutch ($58): Now this is a bag that’s “pixel perfect” for some Halloween costume fun.

10. Skeleton Shoulder Bag ($20): Never has a skeleton looked so cute! Throw this little guy over your shoulder for a frightfully fun (and procrastinator-approved) Halloween look… no bones about it.

11. Mushroom Purse ($13): Got eyes for a certain Mario or Luigi across the costume-clad crowd? Well, let’s just say we know a way to catch his attention.

12. Eye Clutch Bag ($80): “Jeepers. Creepers. Where’d you get THAT peeper?”

13. Betsey Johnson Poker Face Card Clutch ($78): You don’t have to be Gaga to have a poker face. In fact, with this gem on your arm, you’ll put the Monster Mother and the Queen of Hearts both to shame!

14. Black Medical Cross Heart Purse ($21): Somebody call 9-1-1, because you just killed it with this costume purse.

15. Charlotte Olympia Blink Purse ($695): Go ahead, break the rules. Only lame party-goers wear masks on their faces anymore, anyway.

16. Vegan Leather Bat Purse ($40): We’re batty for these purses! They’re cute, clever, and earth-conscious, too. What’s not to love?

17. Kate Spade Hello Shanghai Cruz ($348): “Did you bring Chinese takeout to the party?” asks the guy at the door. “No, just Kate Spade and a whole lotta class,” you reply. No lies… this conversation will go down.

18. Evil Eye Purse ($60): Suaron, schmuaron — you’ve now got the purse to rule them all!

19. Betsey Johnson Chalkboard Crossbody Purse ($78): You may be too cool for school, but this chalkboard purse will earn you an A+ #oohn (outfit of Halloween night — of course!).

20. Halloween Lips Clutch ($39): Vampy chic just got even hotter. Legit, we can hear you smolder from here. It’s pretty terrifying, actually.

21. Cat Crossbody Bag ($16): Channel your inner meowing kitten or the curled up, hissing cat in you that shows up after a few drinks — either way, this purse is awesome.

22. Hands Backpack ($200): Hold up! Does this backpack make a cool Halloween costume or what?

23. Goldfish Coin Purse ($20): Look! We found Nemo! Throw this little swimmer in your purse, and you won’t have to go fishing around for a creative outfit an hour before the trick or treaters arrive.

24. Dracula Book Purse ($55): Who said book nerds can’t be scary? Certainly not us…

25. Betsey Johnson Piano Wristlet ($88): Ignore those confused looks coming from your fellow party-goers. You’re the piano (wo)man, darn it.

26. Moschino Milkshake Embroidered Shoulder Bag ($895): Mmmm. We’re loving it, but if, like us this designer pick isn’t in your costume budget, we suggest checking out this pretty pretty princess-inspired mirror phone case also from Moschino.

27. Bat Clutch Bag ($24): With this clutch in hand, even Batgirl herself will have nothing on you.

28. Frida Kahlo Skill Purse ($70): A couture-esque look for a fraction of the price? Yep – this clever purse had us at “Frida Kahlo.”

29. On The Kisser Bag ($48): Is it us or does this bag scream Rocky? (Cool points if you know we don’t mean Sylvester Stallone).

30. Halloween Pumpkin Coin Purse ($12): Hello, pumpkin! Meet Mr. Jack O’Lantern. He’s your Halloween date. Trust us, you’ll get along just swell!

Okay, we know it’s a challenge to only pick one, but which Halloween purse has you reaching for your wallet? Tell us below!