We’ve gathered up 24 delicious, distinct dinner recipes perfect for every night of the Hanukkah festival. Beyond just the usual brisket, we’ve included recipes for everything from poultry to fish to a few veggie-friendly options. Each, despite the amount of effort required, is just as scrumptious as the last. The only way to improve things? Serve up a big platter of latkes alongside, and wrap it all up with a few sufganiyot or your favorite donuts for dessert.


1. Cranberry Pot Roast: Don’t retire those cranberries just ’cause Thanksgiving is over. They add a wonderful burst of flavor to this port wine braise. Pop everything in your Dutch oven, and you’re just a few effortless hours away from an outstanding dinner. (via Feasting at Home)

2. Nach Waxman’s Brisket of Beef: This brisket recipe is a classic, and easy to master too. With fewer than ten pantry staples needed, you’ll be done gathering ingredients in a flash. (via Food 52)

3. Pot Roast With Balsamic and Dijon: Not your usual chuck roast, the addition of balsamic vinegar and Dijon make it something special and holiday-worthy indeed. (via The Wicked Noodle)

4. Tangy Spiced Brisket: Beyond fork tender, this brisket shreds into supple, mouthwatering pieces with no effort at all. You’ll love the tangy twist, and that it’s made in the slow cooker. (via Smitten Kitchen)

5. Slow Cooker Gingersnap Pot Roast: Enjoy this sweet-spicy roast served with a side of sweet potatoes — they’re a match made in heaven. (via Melanie Makes)

6. Sweet and Savory Brisket: Dried apricots or plums add a sweet, tangy edge to this fabulous cool weather brisket. They rehydrate as they simmer away in red wine, making a syrupy-savory sauce that’s delightful to spoon over just about anything. (via Food52)


7. Roast Chicken with Lemon, Herbs and Potatoes: The trick for making each piece of this roast absolutely perfect? It’s a cinch. Simply cook the white and dark meat in two separate pans. (via Sally Pasley Vargas)

8. Maple-Balsamic Roasted Duck: A mix of citrus infuses the bird with fabulous flavor from the inside out, while the maple-honey-balsamic glaze takes on a top-down approach. The beautiful flavors pair wonderfully with the seasonally inspired persimmon chutney served alongside. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

9. Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic: Don’t let the number of cloves put you off. They are cooked long enough that they practically melt into this mellow-yet-tasty sauce. (via Saveur)

10. Chicken Marbella: A great option for gatherings small and large, this recipe scales up or down with ease. (via Gather and Dine)

11. Blackened Chicken Legs With Red Beets and Potatoes: With its rich, purple-red hues, this well-seasoned dish makes for a stunning presentation. (via Jelly Toast)

12. Crispy Baked Honey Mustard Chicken: There’s no reason for holiday dinners to be a hassle. These chicken thighs prove that even easy recipes can be equally impressive. Seasoning the panko crumb coating with a whirl of garlic, lemon zest and fresh thyme takes things to a whole ‘nother level. (via Little Spice Jar)

13. Roast Duck With Farro: Stuffed with breakfast sausage (choose a pork-free variety, if desired), grains, figs and hazelnuts, the flavors featured here are just phenomenal. Duck not your thing? Go ahead and swap it out with your preferred poultry. (via Leite’s Culinaria)


14. Lamb Shanks With Pears and Pistachios: There is just something extra special about serving lamb shanks. Period. Simmered in a pomegranate and pear mixture, any gamey flavor practically disappears. (via Bon Appétit)

15. Herb-Crusted Leg of Lamb With Mint Gremolata: There’s no going back to mint jelly once you serve lamb with this garlic and herb gremolata. (via Feasting at Home)

16. Rack of Lamb With Arugula Pesto and Orange Balsamic Drizzle: Anything-but-ordinary pesto is a great way to elevate this shockingly easy rack of lamb. (via Reclaiming Yesterday)

17. Pan-Seared Lamb Chops With Rosemary and Garlic: These lamb lollipops cook up in a jiffy. Seriously, we’re talking well under 10 minutes total. No one will be the wiser. (via Primal Palate)

18. Popcorn-Crumbed Lamb Cutlets With Herb and Radish Salad: We’ve seen popcorn used in a number of ways, but never like this. Fluffy kernels are blitzed into an impressive gluten-free breadcrumb alternative for these cutlets. (via Chew Town)


19. Seared Sea Bass With Fennel and Orange: A pile of shredded fennel and orange segments forms an outstanding, crunchy base for seared sea bass fillets. (via 10th Kitchen)

20. Roasted Cod With Garlic Lemon Butter: The flavor of sweet, firm cod is enhanced, but not masked, by the wonderful lemony sauce served over top. (via The Stay at Home Chef)

21. Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon: Made without a single pat of butter or sprinkle of cheese, this full-flavored dish — with sides of sweet cranberry chutney and salt-roasted potatoes — is an especially terrific option for those who avoid combining dairy and meat. (via Half Baked Harvest)


22. Harvest Vegetable Galette With Greens and Goat Cheese: Beets give this giant potato pancake its beautiful hue, while chickpeas provide staying power. Talk about a bright and festive holiday-ready vegetarian main. (via Martha Stewart)

23. Roasted Red Potato + Whipped Feta Galette: This time of year you can totally get away with serving carbs on carbs. ‘Tis the season for indulgences, after all, and this galette is just that. (via Yea Yea Pueblo)

24. Smoked Aubergine Soufflé : Roasting eggplant over an open flame gives it a lovely, almost meaty smokiness. Even the omnivores at the table will want to dig into these fluffy soufflés. (via Aphro Cuisine)

What foods are essential for your Hanukkah celebration? Share your family traditions with us below!