Lots of us tap our besties when we鈥檙e in need of an answer to a burning question that relates to beauty, but we never forget about the plethora of info search engines offer. It鈥檚 no surprise that Google can provide legit info when it comes to hard-to-answer beauty questions, but what is surprising is which countries ask which questions most frequently. Elle got the lowdown on the most frequently asked beauty questions by country, and the results might surprise you. We featured our favorite three here:


Question: When does makeup expire?

Answer: France is all about this question 鈥 and so are we, because it鈥檚 important to know when it鈥檚 time to toss products. Some makeup can last longer than others. For instance, you can keep face powder and eyeshadow longer than, say, creamy concealer or creamy foundation, mascara and gel eyeliner pots. Powder formulas don鈥檛 dry out and/or sweat like products that have wet or gel-like formulas. It鈥檚 also important to note that some products (namely those from Europe) include expiration dates on the packaging. Make sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly to prevent additional gunk in your products, which could lead to you having to toss them sooner than you鈥檇 like. Or, invest in products that are designed to be used up before they go bad, like the entire line at Stowaway Cosmetics.


Question: How often should I shampoo my hair?

Answer: Brazilians Googled this question the most (maybe it鈥檚 all the Brazilian blowouts鈥?). There are a bunch of ways to achieve awesome hair status, but washing it every single day is NOT one of them (Botox injections might be, though). Unless your hair is super greasy, you really shouldn鈥檛 be washing your hair every day 鈥 it strips the natural oils your scalp produces that aid in hair growth and health. Instead, try using dry shampoo at night (so it really soaks in + works its magic), work a cool braid into your hair to hide your roots or add in a hair accessory like a cute headband to get through a few days sans shampoo.


Question: What are makeup basics every girl should have?

Answer: Peeps from the United Arab Emirates asked this question the most for good reason; makeup basics are important, but where to even begin can be intimidating. We recommend starting with a solid foundation or BB cream/tinted moisturizer, finding your perfect blush shade, a can鈥檛-live-without-it mascara and a nice brow product to frame your eyes. Once you鈥檝e tackled those basics, you can add on fun stuff like eyeliner (possibilities are endless with eyeliner), highlighter + contour and whatever else your little heart desires. Have fun with it, but there鈥檚 no need to go overboard ;)

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