While we see place cards most often at weddings, it can be helpful to incorporate them into your big holiday dinners. Friends and family arrive and see that you have a special place set just for them. Those little names also make sure everyone drinks from their own glass, ensures compatible personalities are paired together and that your mom and your wild aunt Rhonda are kept far, far apart. If you’re the one hosting your Thanksgiving dinner this year, big or small, consider including one of these 17 place cards.

1. Pumpkin Place Cards: Halloween may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo pumpkins in your holiday decorating. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Leather Feather Place Cards: Real feathers can be a messy experience. Get around it by cutting out these feathers from a piece of leather. (via Say Yes)

3. Caramel Apple Place Cards: Give your guests a little something to snack on while they wait for the turkey to finish roasting. (via Celebrations at Home)

4. Wishbone Place Cards: These place cards might just take you back to breaking the wishbone in your grandma’s kitchen. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Turkey Place Card: Are the kids just SO BORED? Gather them around to help you make these bright turkey place cards. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

6. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards: What is better than a normal paper place card? A place card that smells good, too. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

7. Gilded Animal Place Cards: A little paint and some plastic animals can create beautiful plate decorations, as well as label the white and the dark meat. (via Alyssa and Carla)

8. Pine Cone Place Card: On a day to be thankful, bringing the beauty of nature indoors to decorate your table seems like a brilliant idea to us. (via The Common Creative)

9. Silhouette Place Card: Guests will definitely want to take these pretty pictures home with them after dinner. Or you can sneak them away yourself to create an old fashioned family tree. (via Camille Styles)

10. Printable Place Cards: These cute cards prove that you don’t have to go super fancy to add to the holiday mood. Write names on scrapbook paper to make it even easier. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

11. Mini Pie Place Cards: Individual pies for all of your guests? Please keep us on your T-Day guest list until the end of time. Thanks. (via The Merry Thought)

12. Golden Leaf Place Cards: Put away the paper and use what nature gave you for some truly unique place cards that are worthy of a frame. (via Elements of Style)

13. Dipped Pear Place Card: These color-blocked pears can be painted in any color, so they’ll match your table perfectly. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

14. Printable Banner Place Card: Make creating the seat assignments easy on yourself with these printable personalized banners. Print them on different sheets of colored paper for a technicolored holiday. (via In My Own Style)

15. Monogrammed Place Cards: String + glue = a place card that will have you bursting with pride. (via Camille Styles)

16. Color Dipped Walnut Place Cards: Y’all know we’re all about using what we find in our yard and turning it into a DIY project. Hey, how else are we going to save all that dough to buy our pals the best holiday presents ever? (via eHow)

17. Turkey Leg Place Cards: Don’t forget the kids table. Use small brown paper bags to create these legs and make them serve double duty by stuffing them with popcorn. (via Fiskars)

Do you dress up your Thanksgiving table with place cards? Do you prefer simple paper or small gifts your guests can take home? Tell us below!