They say breakfast is the most important part of the day. Well, sorry chia pudding, but we want to argue that by highlighting the fact that lunch is pretty dang important too. Once our morning coffee wears off and we’re headed into the afternoon, we *need* a healthy dose of protein to help us motor through. If you’ve been eating a plant-based diet regularly, then you’re familiar with chickpeas and tempeh and all of the other glorious ways to fill up. If you’re new to the plant-based diet, don’t fret. We’ve got 14 lunch options perfect for work.

1. Smokey Chickpea “Tuna” on Rye With Spinach and Avocado: Smoked paprika and cumin elevate this creamy chickpea blend loaded with both protein AND fiber. (via The Simple Green)

2. Sweet Pea Power Pesto Avocado Toast: Aaaand the avocado toast craze lives on. This lunch option packs a powerful punch of protein with a sweet pea pesto. (via Real Food Whole Life)

3. Thai Quinoa Salad With Peanut Dressing: This rainbow salad gets its protein from the tasty edamame, the hearty quinoa, and the crunchy roasted peanuts. Though that dreamy and peanut-y dressing is optional, we wholeheartedly recommend it. (via Cook’s Hideout)

4. Lentil Meatballs: These super healthy *cheatballs* are kind of a big deal, y’all. Made with lentils and an assortment of veggies, they’re seasoned to perfection and will fill you up with a feel-good dose of protein and fiber. (via Well Plated by Erin)

5. Protein-Packed Quinoa Bites With Sweet Potato and Black Beans: If you’re looking for a light lunch or snack that will help you feel fuller longer, here it is. Made with quinoa, tender sweet potato, and black beans, these little sweet and savory bites are the BOMB. (via She Likes Food)

6. Freezer Vegan Breakfast Burrito: Breakfast for lunch can be a thing, right? These robust burritos are made in advance and popped into the freezer for grab ‘n’ go convenience. Full of protein, they’ll give you that extra burst of energy you need to get through the afternoon. (via Emilie Eats)

7. Sorghum Protein Pesto Power Salad: If ease of prep and minimal ingredients are your jam, this wholesome salad has your name on it. (via Blissful Basil)

8. The Runner’s Sandwich: This Mediterranean-inspired meal with protein-rich cheese is the ultimate fuel for your day — especially if you love to pound the pavement. (via Hurry the Food Up)

9. Lentil Pasta With Vegan Butter and Garlic Sauce: Heading home for your lunch break? This 15-minute wonder is pure perfection. It’s quick, easy, and full of the nutrients you need in order to keep on keepin’ on. (via Neurotic Mommy)

10. Bali Bowl With Tempeh, Peanuts, and Tomato Sambal: Tempeh brings you a generous helping of protein, fiber, and vitamins in this bowl, making it a total powerhouse. (via Quite Good Food)

11. Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich: This swoon-worthy sandwich is stacked high with layers of heirloom tomato, microgreens, beets, and carrots. (via Abbey’s Kitchen)

12. Turkish White Bean Salad: Adding white beans, green peppers, boiled eggs, and other simple ingredients to the mix, this recipe will give you that surge of mid-afternoon energy you need. (via Give Recipe)

13. Chickpea Caesar Collard Wraps: Chickpeas and a homespun vegetarian caesar dressing put a plant-based spin on this chicken classic. (via Girl Adulting)

14. Smashed Avocado Hummus Sandwich: No time to get fancy? No problem. You can keep things simple and still end up with something incredibly delicious and protein happy with a few generous smears of hummus. (via Sincerely, Katerina)

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