There’s a misconception that plant-based diets are lacking in protein, but these recipes show how easy it is to get enough while eating scrumptious foods. Ingredients like soybeans, quinoa, and pulses are loaded with it. Because some people worry that these foods lack all of the amino acids needed to consider it a complete protein (like animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs), try these recipes which combine different sources of protein like whole grains, beans, and nuts. Keep reading to discover vegetarian dinner recipes that will do the trick.

1. Beet Hummus Bowl: Once you see how stunning this recipe can be, you’ll want to make it for dinner on the regular. Nothing makes eating your veggies more appealing than dip!

2. Vegan Three-Bean Sriracha Chili: Three types of beans add heft to this vegan chili. Serve it with a whole grain (like brown rice or a side of cornbread) for a complete meal.

3. Spicy Chickpea and Lentil Soup: Red lentils are cooked in a spicy tomato broth until tender, then pureed with chickpeas to make a creamy, protein-packed soup.

4. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili: Corn and sweet potatoes help balance out the earthy savoriness of black beans and chiles in this recipe. Add a scoop to a bowl of quinoa then dollop with cashew cream and you’ll be all set.

5. Colorful Quinoa Bowls: A combination of quinoa, roasted veg, and a fried egg with charge you up.

6. Jackfruit and Black Bean Burrito Bowls: Topping a bowl of brown rice with a flavorful mixture of jackfruit, black beans, corns, salsa, and onions gives you all the flavors of your favorite burrito, without the anxiety that comes from trying to properly fold your tortilla around so much goodness.

7. Kidney Bean and Walnut Veggie Burgers: The key to a memorable veggie burger is the texture. Kidney beans make these patties have a mostly-creamy interior, while walnuts add a hearty, subtle crunch.

8. Baked Falafel Patties: Bake up a tray of falafel patties, which get nice and crisp in the oven, and add them to your meals all week. Tuck them into a whole-grain pita, then slather with tahini, spritz with lemon juice, and pair with some vibrant greens.

9. Easy Vegan Chickpea Curry: You’ll want a hearty serving of brown rice to accompany this easy vegan chickpea curry. That’ll make it easier to scoop up every last bit of the creamy coconut sauce left in your bowl.

10. Pressure Cooker Bean and Quinoa Chili: Sometimes simmering a big pot of chili on the stove just isn’t a possibility. On those busy nights, bust out the pressure cooker and make a batch of bean and quinoa chili.

11. Fall Quinoa Salad: Add walnut halves to a vibrant quinoa salad made with pomegranate arils (or a seasonal fruit), green onions, and parsley to add both crunch and an extra protein and Omega-3 boost.

12. Mermaid Veggie Sushi Bowls: These customizable rice bowls will be a hit with whoever you’re cooking for. Must-have toppings include avo, marinated tofu, sprouts, and tropical fruit.

13. Single-Serving Enchilada: If you live solo, forgo the frozen food for this stacked enchilada for one.

14. Indian-Spice Couscous Bowl: The flavors of India infuse this nutritious bowl with sweetness and spice. Whole wheat couscous and grilled tofu bring protein to the table, while garam masala produces the appeal.

15. Southwestern Black Bean Salad: If Chipotle is your go-to for a quick vegetarian meal, then you’re in luck. Beans, corn, and avocado combine for a salad you can make in minutes.

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Additional reporting by Paige Johnson