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The Conversation (5)
Roman26 Jun, 2020

One of the best tacos recipe I've ever tries! It's very simple to do

Amy17 Jul, 2020

So delicious and pretty! We made it into a taco bowl, amazing!

Vatsala Bahal
Vatsala Bahal22 Oct, 2020

These taco recipes looks so good!

Sandy Woods
Sandy Woods26 Jan, 2021

When I took it out of the Instant Pot I thought I would never make it again...I was wrong....I pulled the pork apart as the liquid cooked down in the cast iron skillet. By the time the liquid cooked down it looked just as I thought it should. It's absolutely divine....I wouldn't use any other recipe.

Luiana Postorino
Luiana Postorino09 Apr, 2021

my husband is the chef at home, the expectations from him is high because he is such a great cook.. However, I dont care about cooking but onces in a while because of Instant Pot it has allowed me to cook and know 100% the food quality is going to be expected. Let me just say every recipe that I have done from here has been 100%. Specially this one, I cannot eat spicy, however I separate the meat before putting the spice recommended and my husband is like in absolute shock of how delicious the food turns out. I can't taste it because I cannot handle spicy food. But guess what, this website makes me seem like a chef. Honestly, its a blessing from heavens. I get so nervous when cooking

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