Spring has sprung, and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s something undeniably rejuvenating about the vernal equinox and all the bright flavors that follow. Digging into big, refreshing salads is something we long for after a cold winter, and we can’t wait to give some quick one-pot spring dinners a whirl so we can spend more evenings outside. Though we love celebrating anything (and everything) with food, it isn’t the only way. We’re looking at you, cocktails! Mardi Gras shouldn’t hog all the boozy fun, and these 14 invigorating floral bevs give spring the nod it deserves.

1. The Spring Buzz: This recipe puts a cool twist on the classic hot toddy. In this bev, we get to see whiskey’s tranquil side thanks to a mix of honey, freshly steeped chamomile tea, and elderflower liqueur. (via Broma Bakery)

2. St. Germain Spritzer: Taking only two minutes and four ingredients, this ruby-hued cocktail is springtime perfection. Garnish with fresh cherries or apricot slices, then add some mint for extra refreshment. (via Vegetarian Ventures)

3. Green Tea Sangria: Sweetened with honey, this sangria is everything those sugar-packed restaurant sangrias want to be. It even boasts metabolism-boosting properties thanks to the addition of green tea. Healthy cocktail? YES, PLEASE. (via Brewing Happiness)

4. Coastal Orange Blossom Gin Cocktail: Sippin’ on this easy-to-make gem will invigorate you. It’s super mellow, and it brings a gentle mix of artisanal gin, orange blossom water, and coconut water to your glass for a hit of hydration on a sunny day. (via Justine Celina)

5. Rhubarb Pisco Sour: Nothing screams springtime quite like the tart essence of rhubarb! This bright and fresh concoction gets a splash of sweetness from the Pisco, making it a fab drink to kick back with after a day in the garden. (via My Kitchen Love)

6. Cucumber Basil Gin Fizz Cocktails: Bid your long week of work adieu with a spa day-inspired cocktail. Swoon. The cooling cucumber, herbaceous basil, and fizzy tingle *promise* to revitalize you. (via The Girl on Bloor)

7. Lavender Orange Bees Knees: Staying true to its name, this blend truly is the bees knees. The tasty prohibition-era cocktail gets a swanky makeover with orange notes and lavender bitters; shake, serve, and smile. (via Mud on Her Boots)

8. Carrot Orange Punch: Because it’s so delish, you can enjoy this vibrant mix of soda, orange juice, and carrot juice with or without alcohol. To make it boozy, simply add your fave vodka or rum. (via Sugar and Soul)

9. Blackberry Cucumber Gin Spritzers: If you love fruit drinks but hate the amount of sugar that goes with them, this cocktail has your name on it. In this bad boy, gin mingles with a rich blackberry syrup, cooling mint, and cucumber. Bring it! (via Spices in My DNA)

10. Raspberry Peach Champagne Cocktail: Peach vodka, raspberry syrup, and some fine bubbly are blended to create this dazzling drink. If you don’t have peach vodka at your disposal, no worries — use regular ol’ vodka with some peach juice. (via Giraffe’s Can Bake)

11. Lavender Rose Lemon Drop Cocktail: This spiked lemonade is LIFE. Along with a perfect balance of sour and sweet, this blend brings floral notes to your glass for a refreshing springtime treat. (via The Cottage Market)

12. Strawberry Basil Gin Jammer: What better way to kick off a warm season than by eating and drinking ALL the strawberries? In this blend, our fave berries are muddled with fresh basil, then topped with a clever mix of gin and jam. (via Cali Girl Cooking)

13. Lavender and Lemon Sparkler: This elegant concoction brings sparkly to the table in the BEST way. Mixed with a bright blend of lemons, this drink is garnished with lavender sprigs and lemon peels to raise your glass to spring. (via Rose and Ivy)

14. Ruby Red Gimlet: This little gimlet is a big way to welcome spring. The floral notes of gin and slight bitterness of grapefruit are lit up with lime juice in this exhilarating sipper. (via The Beach House Kitchen)

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