We all love gifting. However, we know that it’s hard to give gifts to all your friends ’cause let’s be real, it can really add up. However, Christmas is the perfect time for gift hacking, our new term for making wondrous gifts for your friends that won’t break the bank. This year, try sending them a gift they can make themselves, or DIY a gift for them! Check out our roundup of gifts that add a personal touch and won’t keep you on a diet of ramen and eggs for the next few months.

1. Zipper Bracelets: Amazingly chic, these are simple and easy to make. (Pssst! Want a short cut to making them? Buy the zipper bracelet kit OR the actual bracelets from our shop.)

2. and 3. Sweater Headband and Bowtie: Nothing like gifting some warm winter comfort. Add an unexpected touch of whimsy by making a sweater headband or bow tie.

4. Scarf Belt: Make a unique belt like no one’s ever seen with these belts made of scarves.

5. Colored Pencil Jewelry: For your friend that’s still a big kid, colored pencil jewelry fits perfectly in the lines.

6. Beaded Typography Tee: Impress the chic out of your gift recipients with this snazzy tee.

7. CD Pendant: Instead of using a CD for a mixtape, use it to make a pendant. Unbelievable!

8. Ombre Tiered Necklace: Make a personalized statement necklace with this tiered, ombre necklace. +100 fashion points.

9. Tubular Necklace: The new candy necklace. Surprise ingredient in these tubular necklaces? Sprinkles.

10. Rosettes: Put a rose anywhere, in your hair, on your sweater, the options are endless. You know what they say, it’s all about the accessories.

11. Chunky Braid Necklace: Gift some glamour with this easy braided necklace. (Also available as a kit or an actual product in our new store!)

12. Pocket Tie: This is practically two gifts in one, a tie AND a card carrier ;)

13. and 14: Wrap Bracelets and Washer Accessories: Perfect gift for anyone who loves sporting lots of swag on their arm.

15. Safety Pin Jewelry: Who knew tossing together beads and pins would turn out to make such a beautiful necklace!

16. Glitter Heels: Who needs Louboutin’s when you’ve got glitter heels?

17. Ombre Tights: Surprise the ombre lover in your life with these ombre tights! They’ll definitely be ombrazed that you made it yourself.

18. Fabric Scrap Necklaces: After DIYing it up all season, you’re bound to have extra fabric. Perfect for these fabric scrap necklaces.

19. Nuts N’ Nylon Necklaces: Tools aren’t just for the toolbox anymore. Make some sweet necklaces using hex nuts and simple nylon.

20. Audio Ear Muffs: Cute earmuffs for the cute audio junkie in your life.

21. Touchscreen Gloves: You may have seen these in our Brit Kits (also a perfect gift for the DIY lover), but if you missed out on them, try making your own. Get the kit in our new store!

22. Cozy Winter Cuffs: If you’re trying to stay warm but not into muffs, stay cozy with these yarn cuffs!

23. T Shirt Necklaces: Seasons come and go, but nautical accessories are always in. Can you believe these are made from old t-shirts?

24. and 25. Chevron Rings and Duct Tape Earrings: More festive accessories to make for the social butterfly in your life. The feather earrings are available as a kit or as a set of four pairs of earrings in our store.

26. Balloon Bud Vases: Who knew balloons and vases could work together in such perfect harmony. So fun!

27. Fishnet Mason Jars: Of course we can’t forget about gift mason jars… especially these awesome fishnet tight ones.

28. Wineglass Shot Glass: OMG. A wine glass that doubles as a shot glass? WIN!

29. Confetti Glassware: Confetti glassware is perfect for the upcoming holiday (AKA party) season.

30. Ombre Wine Bottles: Use up the wine bottles leftover from parties by making ombre bottles to use as vases or centerpieces. Recycling at its best.

31. Wire Word Art: These wire word art pieces are so flexible. They can be jewelry, napkin holders, decorations… the possibilies are endless. Make a ton for all of your friends with our Jewelry Starter Kit.

32. Sweater Votive Holders: Turn it up a notch with these sweater votive holders. Candles need to stay cozy too.

33. Nail String Art: All you need is some string and some nails to make inspirational wall art.

34. Duct Tape Art: Who knew duct tape could make something so beautiful?

35. and 36. Denim Cocktail Napkins and Dinner Party Napkins: These custom napkins are ideal for the busy party planner.

37. Scrabble Napkin Rings: These fun napkin rings are perfect to swag up that table setting and ideal for game night!

38. Custom Cushions: A good host or hostess always makes sure everyone’s tushie is comfortable.

39. Nail Polish Utensils: Ditch the hassle of paint and use nail polish to decorate otherwise ordinary utensils.

40. and 41. Friendship Cords and Custom Camera Straps: Perfect for the person who your life who wants custom everything.

42. and 43. Glitter Garden Tools and Floppy Disk Planters: What a fun twist on ordinary yard supplies for all your gardening buddies!

44. Wreath: A wreath not just for the holidays, but works all year round!

45. Book of Chocolates: Your friend may be disappointed when they see the outside of this book, but open it up and surprise! Gotcha!

46. Custom Photo Tiles: Display your (or your friend’s) work proudly with these custom photo tiles.

47. Party in a Box: Enough said.

48. Geek Guest Pillowcases: Not just for geeks, these custom pillow cases are useful and fun gifts.

49. Sugar and Salt Scrubs: These may smell good enough to eat, but everyone will thank you for giving them the spa treatment with these scrubs.

50. Weathered Jewelry Box: Make this vintage jewelry case to store all the DIY necklaces you’ll be gifting ;).

What gifts will you make for the upcoming holidays? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter.