And we’re back with a whole new slew of must-have items for your dorm-decorating obsession. Don’t even try to deny it, we know you’ve been planning for this since you committed to your school-of-choice. If you’re going with the school-match roommate system and your school graciously provided you with their deets, or if you just already know them, we suggest getting on your fave social media and sharing your ideas on dorm room aesthetics. That way you won’t show up on move-in day with horribly clashing — or worse, horribly matchingbedding sets + accessories. Today we’ve got 28 new pieces to help you coordinate like a pro, and all for under $50!

1. The Emily + Meritt Stitch Pillow Covers ($40): We love the mix of feminine + hard details in PB teen’s Emily + Meritt collection. Come on, a skull with flower eyes? We obvs have to have that.

2. Aqua Deca Flat-Woven Jute Rug ($30): Inject a shot of color into always-boring dorm flooring with this aqua rug. Its bright color will keep you cheery well into the winter doldrums.

3. Yours + Mine Over-The-Door Hook ($34): No one likes musty towels — hang them stylishly with this script rack. Now the question is who gets ‘mine’ and who gets ‘yours’?

4. Store-It Canvas Bin Collection ($29-$40): Is that a storage bin or just another piece of the decor? No one will know with this chevron canvas option.

5. Southern Tide Skipjack Sheet Collection ($35): In it’s short history, Southern Tide has cemented itself as collegiate chic. Get ahead of the game with ST’s signature print sheets.

6. Vestige Lipstick Holder ($28): Your mom used to complain that your makeup was all over the counter. Now you can tell her it’s there on purpose with this gorgeous lipstick holder.

7. Rotating Hanging Closet Storage ($30): We just can’t stress enough how important maximizing your vertical storage is. Though we’re hoping we won’t need to once you see how nice this closet looks.

8. Floral Felt Pillow ($31-$40): When you live in a dorm room, your bed basically doubles as your couch. Make sure you’re always ready for guests with a plethora of pretty pillows.

9. Woven Globe String Lights ($32): You may be too old for a night light, but string lights that cast a delicate blue glow over your room are fine and dandy.

10. Dancing Dots Canvas Basket ($32-$48): We’re all about the cute baskets. Store your pillows and throws, your laundry, even your school supplies.

11. The Emily + Meritt Ring Holders ($39): We’ve all succumbed to that frantic search for an earring back or ring, or the furious attempt to untangle a necklace. But you’re older and wiser now, and you have a whimsical unicorn ring holder to keep everything straight.

12. Green + White Stripe Dhurrie Rug ($40): Offset stripes keep this rug visually interesting and the muted green color will complement even the most horrific of residence hall palettes.

13. Easy Sort Laundry Bags ($30): No one likes sorting laundry. And when you have the semi-questionable surfaces, already littered with others dirty clothes, of the res hall laundry room, the task is even more odious. Save time with pre-sorted bags!

14. Metallic Gold Geo Desk Accessories ($39): So many of our favorite things — metallics, geometric designs and an organized desk!

15. Chevron Comforter ($27-$32): We’re digging the cool, pastel stripes on this comforter, perfect for soothing you to sleep after those late-night cram sessions.

16. Rustic Perforated Bins ($25-$45): Maybe the cutesy patterns aren’t quite your thing. Then these burnished metal bins are just the ticket.

17. Chalk Calendar Wall Decal ($35): Show off your stellar time management skills with this awesome wall calendar, and impress your profs by never turning in a late assignment.

18. Rose Twist Pillow Covers ($40): Textured fabrics up the style factor to the point that it’s pretty much off the charts. Plus, they’re way better for hugging.

19. ‘Bonjour’ Wire Script Sculpture ($48): You’re always up for entertaining with this welcoming sculpture. We always had a feeling dorm room style could be so haute.

20. 7-Inch Power Bed Risers ($30): Whether in college or out, in our tech-obsessed lives we can never have too many outlets. At least now they’re stashed out of the way, and have the added bonus of increasing your under-the-bed storage!

21. Deco Elephant Pillow Cover ($36): Here’s another pillow we can’t wait to snuggle with. The raised embroidery on the elephant is just perfect.

22. Oakwood Makeup Brush Holder ($34): This is way better than the tangle of brushes currently sitting at the bottom of our makeup bag. Shh, we didn’t say that…

23. Orange Monochrome Throw ($30): We’re not sure if we want this as a throw blanket on our bed or a pashmina for when the fall weather sets in. We are sure this orange hue is going to be big this Fall.

24. Paisley Birds on Wire Wall Decal ($32): We’re pretty sure you could do this out of washi tape if you wanted to, but it’s also totally okay with us if you just want to buy it.

25. 10-inch Display Cube ($39): You could buy a plastic bookshelf from Walmart. Or you could use your command hook strips to rig up these chic display cubes. The choice is up to you.

26. Aqua Suti Pouf ($40): This poufmight be too pretty to sit on. That is until it’s Friday night and there are 15 people crowded into your room.

27. Easy Carry Laundry Bag ($44): When it comes to hauling your laundry up and down 4 flights of stairs, we understand if you’re leaning towards function over form. Luckily for you, with this laundry bag you don’t have to.

28. Corkboard Map ($48): Track your past travels and map out your future study abroad plans while also giving your walls a cosmopolitan makeover. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

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What’s your dorm room design inspo? Share your brainstorms below!