If you’re like us, the first move you make after New York Fashion Week ends is to hunt down as many lookalike outfits as your wallet will allow (Ordered. Tracked. Waiting). But the straight-off-the-runway inspiration doesn’t end with the to-die-for dresses. We’re itching to recreate this season’s best beauty looks, too. Even without an entire team smoothing hairs in place, painting on topcoats and shaping our brows, these on-duty stylings are totally do-able with just a bit of DIY guidance. So scroll down to see which of the 10 best NYFW beauty looks you should be wearing this season, then click through for the tutorials that will help you get ready for your close up.


1. Flash a side braid: Forget braiding basics, this year’s runways were all about next-level plaits, especially those knotted to the side of your head. Consider it a glam addition to your extreme side part. Learn to master the brand-new side style (plus seven more boss braids) right here. (photos via Xpress Mag + PopSugar)

2. Slick it back: Blame it on Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” ‘do, but dewey hair is in. Leave your umbrella behind and back away from the blow dryer — learn how to slick back those strands. (photos via Beauty Blitz)

3. Pump up the pony: The pony tail can be more than a last-ditch attempt to tame your unruly bedhead. When it’s jolted with colored highlights and pulled up into sleek, sculptural shapes, the ponytail is actually a pretty covetable style. Who’s for taking it up a notch (or three) with us? (photos via Beauty High)


4. Simple geometry: How can nail art that’s sooo impeccably clean be so effortless to do? Lazy Girls rejoice, and get ready to call striping tape your new bff when you try these totally DIYable linear manicures. (photos via PopSugar)

5. Negative space is the place: Take color block nails to an ultra modern place by removing just one hue from the palette. This would be the perfect nail art to flash after a well-deserved digit detox — be sure to invest in a solid base + topcoat so that the bare spaces still glisten. (photos via PopSugar + 303 Magazine)

6. Minimal metallics: Metallics are having a mani moment, just not as all-over shades. And the resulting minimalist looks are actually majorly refreshing. Grab inspo for a stunning accent nail or two from these shiners. (photos via PopSugar)


7. Rose petal pout: Making a perfectly stained pout your fall lip priority should be so easy: there’s more than a handful (actually two!) of ways to DIY your very own berry-hued lip stain that you can wear on the daily. And for those extra-special occasions, be sure to plump ’em up before you swipe on the gloss! (photos via Elle + Glamour)

8. OMGraphic liner: To jump on this season’s trendiest eyeliner, go big, bold and bright… or go home. Use a more neutral shade like brown, navy or black to experiment with a next-level cat eye or make your eyes pop with a flick of neon. (photos via Beauty High)

9. #NoFilter glow: The #wokeuplikethis face was all over the runways this NYFW — in fact, the models in Marc Jacobs’s show wore no makeup at all (can we get some praise hands up in here??). The key to achieving this look is flawless skin, an attainable trait for ALL with some basic TLC. Once your literal foundation is set, add on the glow with minimal makeup and LOVE that you’re out the door in five-to-10. (photos via Daily Makeover)

10. Tat-inspired embellishments: On a morning when you just can’t even at the sight of your makeup bag, try this more playful alternative to painting on a face with shimmering embellishments or funky flash tattoos. While the looks are NYFW-approved, we hope you never need a reason to have THIS much fun with your primping! (photos via Elle)

Which NYFW beauty looks are already in your arsenal? Which are you dying to DIY? Tell us in the comments below.