The summer is over (and these summer products should be, too) and now we’re in full-on fall mode. But that’s really exciting in the makeup world. We’re seeing new color trends — hi, deep berries, browns and plums — replacing those hues we associate with summer — see ya, shimmery bronzes, bright pinks and punchy corals — along with brand-new formulas and totally new types of products. If that doesn’t deserve a “hell yes,” we don’t know what does. To celebrate, and because we obviously couldn’t resist, we compiled our handpicked list of the latest + greatest beauty products to launch this month. From new makeup from one of our favorite style muses Olivia Palermo (not just nail polish!) to a cleanser that will make curly-haired girls freak, here are the 10 products you *need* to buy right now.


1. Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer ($29): This brand-spankin’ new product from Benefit does SO many things. It acts as a super creamy eyelid primer, packs SPF 20 (super important always but especially for the delicate eye area) and contains an EnviroDefend complex that combats sun, smoke and pollutants. The most noticeable effect of this velvety-smooth stuff is it gives you insane eyeshadow color playoff and extends the wear like woah. It also has a really cool/rubbery/squishy/cushiony applicator tip that feels really nice on the eye and is fun to play with ;)


2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup to Go ($45): People LOVE Estee Lauder foundations, y’all, and for good reason. They are long-wearing and have been around forever and come in a ton of shades. Only downside ~until now~ has been that they’re not very portable for on-the-go gals (and dudes!). Their new Double Wear formula offers eight-hour wear, luminosity and hydration, while the compact keeps the foundation spill-free. It’s also dispensed in a really rad way we’ve never seen before: You press the button in the compact once for a perfectly dispensed amount of foundation for lighter coverage and press it twice for more coverage (more product). Freaking genius!


3. Tata Harper Contour Kit ($77): These babies are incredible products — straight up, I am obsessed. Tata Harper is known for its all-natural, nontoxic products, and you can really tell the quality of the formula when you use these. They’re cream-based but finish like a powder, packing super-blendability and a sheer-but-noticeable quality that I’ve never seen before in a contour product. The subtle bronzing gel/cream glides on (you can use your *clean* fingers) and leaves behind a buildable bronze-y glow that won’t make people notice your makeup but rather the subtle definition it leaves behind — you never want people commenting on your makeup anyway, right? The illuminator is basically a foolproof way to highlight your face. Again, it’s super sheer but in the best way. You’ll have a gorgeous brightening, illuminating effect that will bring instant dimension to your face.


4. NARS Audacious Mascara ($26): So this mascara brush has 200+ “molded bristles and lengthening hooks,” which is amazing. The brush claims to really hook on to lashes and amp them UP, and we’re all after that bright-eyed, wide-eyed look anyway. NARS makes great products, period, and this mascara is no exception: It lengthens, volumizes and curls while having a specially designed tip that’s ideal for those hard-to-reach inner corner lashes and bottom lashes. It’s also not crunchy — so prepare to give your crush lots of butterfly kisses without him/her being all, “EW, why are your eyelashes rock hard?”


5. Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Smoked Out Gel Kohl Liner in Fig ($15) : We are in love with this line and this liner — particularly in the shade called Fig. It’s a beautifully rich deep plum that would work well on green or blue eyes. That said, it’s dark enough to also flatter brown eyes too. The formula of these liners is interesting: it offers the “blendability of kohl with the intensity of a gel.” COOL! These babies also come in a truly beautiful gold packaging with a high-quality blender so you can smoke out your eyes. They’re also affordable. Thanks, OP.


6. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks ($20): These super long-wearing, full-coverage lipsticks go on smoothly and dry with a matte finish. We know, we know: long-wearing, matte lipsticks typically have very drying, chalky formulas, but you can barely feel these on your lips. I swiped on Lovesick before devouring a cheeseburger (not the most lipstick-friendly meal in the world, but life isn’t always fair, you guys) and was happily surprised to see that the color stayed put through my lunch and my lips still didn’t feel dry. These are worth a try — and the shade Lovesick is a universally flattering pinky mauve that looks like a healthier version of your natural lip color.


7. TIGI Catwalk Bodifying Spray ($18): This brand new spray goes hand-in-hand with getting a perfect blowout: Spray this stuff on damp hair before you bust out your blow drying skills (since you’ve reconsidered air-drying, right?!) and prepare yourself for bouncy, volumized locks that will also have a slight hold. In addition to lots of body, this spray also delivers a silicon-alternative conditioner to the hair so it’s extra soft but not heavy or weighed down. Next time you’re prepping for a night out or hot date, spray your hair with this stuff and captivate anyone/everyone you encounter with your super big (in a good way) hair.


8. DevaCurl Decadence No-Poo ($22 – $44): Curly-haired gals, this one’s for you! The geniuses at DevaCurl created a new cleansing conditioner formulated especially for your killer curls. Avoiding lathering (as you would with normal shampoos) is key to maintain healthy, frizz-free, tight curls, and that’s exactly what’s being delivered with No-Poo. Your curls need all the hydration they can get, so this formula gently cleanses away the bad stuff (gunk, dirt, product build-up) but leaves behind the good stuff (natural oils that help with growth + overall hair health) while also nourishing your scalp.


9. MAC Vamplify Lip Gloss ($20): People are going bananas for the revival of MAC lip glosses — remember how epic Lip Glasses were/are? Lip gloss may be a thing of the past, but MAC’s Vamplify is really bringing it back. They’re kinda taking lip gloss to an all-new level: The formula is infused with “color-boosting technology,” so they’re definitely not your average sheer formulas. The colors range from punchy reds to straight-up purples (like PURPLE purple) to a super-bright coral.


10. Miu Miu Eau De Parfum ($86): Everyone needs a good fragrance in their life, right? This could be your next fave with its feminine scent that smells amazing but isn’t overpowering — something important when it comes to choosing your scent. Beyond all the good smells, we can’t get over how cute the bottle is. It was inspired by the Miu Miu Matelasse bag and is cute enough to have a permanent place on your vanity.

What is your favorite recent beauty buy? Share with us in the comment section below!

(Photo via @oliviapalermo)