Saturday mornings, afternoons and nights are really just a warm up for the big show: Sunday brunch! Aside from the bottomless mimosa action that’s bound to go down and all the eggs you can get your hands on, there will be plenty of gossip and hot topic discussions circling the table. Since there’s so much that happens every week, we figured you might need a refresher/cheat sheet for the midday meal so you don’t wind up in your chair dazed + confused. Check out the most talked-about news from the past week and guarantee you’ll impress all your gals and guys come reservation time.

1. Tech Talk: Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about your devices, new secrets unraveled this week. Impress your BFFs by sharing two tech hacks. One puts emoji right on Mac keyboards and the other is the secret to saving your Instagram photos in HD. If those tech hacks barely make your gals blink an eye, we’re sure the ability to DL iOS 9 beta, easily drop annoying people on FBor (at the very least) Kim K weather-related outfit recs will do the trick.

2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: So many hair changes happened this week. Definitely take some screengrabs of Blake’s bronde and Nicole Richie’s bleach ‘do for hair inspo chatter. Also make sure to share Kelly Ripa + Kylie Jenner’s colorful new shades with your brunching lady that has been contemplating the pastel look all summer. Then bring out the showstoppers: Lupita, Alessandra Ambrosio + K.Cav.’s hair tricks. Jaws (and drinks) will drop + hairs may raise, just like Kendall Jenner’s did this week. (Photo via @blakelively)

3. Baby Obsession: From Princess Charlotte’s christening to Ashlee Simpson’s push present to Kristin Cavallari ‘s baby no. 3 reveal, a lot happened in the aww-inducing world of famous kids this week. But the most impressive tot topic of the past seven days was by far baby man buns (aside from the navy’s newest maternity policy, of course). Seriously, convince all your mom friends with little dudes to tackle this hairstyle STAT. (Photo via @kensingtonroyal)

4. Let’s Play Celebrity: Lady of the moment Caitlyn Jenner brought it this week. She debuted an editorial series, looked stunning in an I Am Cait promo photo and asked for manicure advice from her fans. Of course she wasn’t the only famous face making headlines this week. We found out Malia Obama has the most badass internship, Rihanna prefers bandanas over bathing suit tops and Mila Kunis + Ashton Kutcher got married. If you’re really looking to impress your friends when the topic of celebs comes up, hit ’em with the Amy Schumer self-love / Lena Dunham marriage opinion one-two punch. Then go back to imagining who would be the best Prince Charming, of course ;)  (Photo via James White/E!)

5. Feast of Food: We love food (duh). That is why you dragged yourself to brunch, right? Okay, maybe the real reason was the champagne (and the hope they’d have some Tex-Mex), but the food is a delicious bonus. While indulging in some sweet + savory menu items, why not chat about the munchiest news of the week: Starbucks’ cold brew + OREO Thins (LOL, stop trying to be healthy, OREOs)? Then before your gang heads off to the farmers’ market, teach ’em how to cut all the fruits + veggies properly. That’s an order! (Photo via Starbucks)

6. Fashion Focus: Indeed, it was a big week for butts + bras. But (hold the second “t”) so much more happened in the beauty + fashion world as well — looking at you, Kaia Gerber + Teen Vogue. From ladies baking their makeup to the much-needed secret to pulling off a Marilyn Monroe malfunction to a Kate Bosworth-approved hack, there’s plenty to tackle at the table with your GFs then back home at your own vanity.

7. Trend Alert: Thanks to social media, every single week is filled with a handful of trendy hashtags. This week’s group — #FreetheNipple, #YouLookDisgusting + #RocktheCrop — was definitely more serious than shameless, and will inspire plenty of lively debate at the brunch table. Of course, there was one silly topic of convo (#TheShoe) that raged on. So pick your poison and discuss away ;)

8. Creative Convo Starters: There’s nothing like a little creative chatter (or walk) to reignite a lull in brunch topics. Hit your friends up with the fact that creativity helps you become more resilient while pointing out you know the secret scent of happiness (it’s sweat!) — and how to write funnier emails. Oh, and one more thing: You’d better let your inventive besties know all about the #IAMCREATIVE Foundation. TYSM and cheers to a perfect brunch.

What topics will you be discussing over brunch this weekend? Let us know in the comments.