If you’ve got a product junkie, diva teen or hair-obsessed guy or gal in your life, then you know how much they appreciate a good hairstyle. For all those last-minute shoppers out there (guilty!), we’ve combed through the top hair accessories, products and tools to give you the ultimate shopping list for hair lovers. Whether it’s shine, curls or volume they’re after, these 25 gifts will definitely make your hair lover happy.

1. Do It Up Holiday Hair Kit ($20): Give this party perfect, glam-it-up set of gold bobbies, glitter hair pins and shimmering hair ties to your soiree loving friend.

2. The Ultimate Blow Out Set ($470): You want to make a girl who idolizes salon-perf hair really happy? Gift your blowout addict the tools for sleek and shiny success. Note: a gift certificate to their favorite blowout bar in town will also do ;)

3. The Collection Travel Set ($30): Gift a little oomph and luggage space to your world traveler with these airline-approved shampoo, conditioner and masque packets.

4. Hair Fragrance Mist Mini Kit ($15): Hair perfume: Yes, it’s a thing. Your lunch-break workout buddy will appreciate it.

5. Hair Essentials Kit ($59): Gift your man this classy Dopp Kit filled with all the essentials for timeless style without any fuss.

6. Go-Go Travel Set ($107): Forget about those hotel hair dryers: A real friend will arm you with all the necessities for good hair on the go. Fit for travelers and fitness junkies alike, this is the gift for those frequent travelers.

7. The Surf Set ($28): For the beach bum in your life, gift them beach waves and sea-breezy texture with this surf’s up set.

8. Hanz de Fuko Gift Set Trio Claymation ($40): This man-hair trio deserves an award because it’s basically dapper in a bottle.

9. Year of Good Hair ($8): For someone in need of a little luck this year, this creative kit housed in a Chinese takeout box is the perfect gift of “good hair” fortune.

10. Starlette Sparkler Hair Pin ($18): It’s celebration season, and what girl couldn’t stand to add a little glitter to whatever look she’s rockin’ right now?

11. Gypsy Headbands ($12): For the free spirit, these colorful headbands offer a fun way to tame tresses with style. This three-piece set includes a pink grosgrain headband, studded headband and a floral headband.

12. Gold Brush ($90): For gals with a touch of class and long locks, this Italian-made gold brush will prove to be their shining star of hair tools.

13. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand ($230): For girls who love curls, this three-in-one tool can easily achieve beachy curls, springy spirals or voluptuous waves. One tool + three barrels + five heat settings = unlimited curls.

14. Tonymoly Angel Glow Ring Hair Mask ($14): Let a loved one know just how angelic they are with this glowing hair mask for shining hair.


15. Mayo Hair Pack ($24): A little something for your DIY gal pal to love: yep, mayonnaise. This famous home remedy for soft and smooth hair is now repackaged and made with egg yolk extract for the modern day gal.

16. Hair FoodWith Quandong Seed & Saw Palmetto ($45): For your dapper dude who needs a bit of stimulation when it comes to hair growth. This potent tonic is packed with strengthening minerals, ancient herbs and proteins that’ll get the job done.


17. Shampure Set ($66): For that friend who needs a little TLC, this gift set is the perfect primer for a little “me” time.

18. Body & Hair Bar Soap ($10): For a girl on the go, stash a few of these in her gym bag for a refreshing, rich lather that not only nourishes her hair but her whole body too.

19. Fair Trade Honey Shampoo ($20): For your socially responsible pal, this bottle of shampoo is full of fairly-traded honey, but the real buzz is all the shine, luster and moisture it gives hair.

20. Mustache Wax ($9): For a man with a ‘stache, this nurturing wax definitely kicks the perfectly manicured Fu Manchu or Handlebar up a few notches.

21. Volumizing Hair Powder ($16): If you know someone in need of a little oomph, this daily essential will give hair added volume and amazing texture.

22. Hair Therapy ($8): Stuff her stocking with a pro-salon treatment that creates silky locks in minutes. It’s filled with herbal essences and amino acids that pack a punch in the hydrating department.

23. Stark Beard Oil ($29): A man that’s uber proud of his beard will totally appreciate this taming beard oil that keeps skin smooth and his beard smelling nice and fresh.


24. Bleach London Spin The Bleach Bottle Kit ($15): For the experimentalist, let them spin the bottle to select their next color of the month.

25. Color Rebel Hair Makeup ($25): For the rebellious teen, this hair makeup will give them that extra edge they’re after with fun colors like Punked Up Pink, Gilty as Charged or Red-Y to Rock.

Talk to us about what must-have hair accessories, tools and products are on your wish list in the comments below!