Whether your go-to ‘do is beachy waves, funky braids, messy topknots (or low buns), a slicked back pony or your natural curl, adding an embellishment can take your tresses over the top. And the great thing is, it doesn’t matter what color, cut or style you’re rockin’. Pick any of these accessories in shades of classic gold, rose gold and silver to turn up the volume on your signature style. Rock on!

1. Flower Pearl Hair Crown ($19): To add a subtle touch of grace and femininity to your tousled top knot, simply add this elasticized flower crown. The combination of petals and pearls linked together with a delicate chain add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit.

2. Karen Hair Clip ($55): Stella and Bow must have their Mean Girls confused because we’re pretty sure it was Gretchen’s hair that was so big it was full of secrets. Maybe they have a personal mean girl in their lives named Karen? Either way, grab your teasing comb and start going to work before clipping in this 14k gold plated barrette.

3. The Tusk Comb ($120): Spotted on Chrissy Teigen at this year’s ESPY awards, this safari-inspired 24-karat gold plated hair comb is a chic, sleek way to sweep back your tresses while making a statement.

4. Brigette Hair Chain ($36): This clip-in is the perfect addition to a tousled hairstyle, adding a classic flash of glamour in diamante crystals. Dress up a daytime look or wear with your party dress for an instant wardrobe update.

5. Punk Stud Cluster Comb ($165): It’s easy to channel your inner punk rock princess with a rose gold studded cluster comb. Also available in gold and antique silver, all three add an angsty touch of class to any special occasion.

6. India Coin Headpiece ($28): Get it, get it, get it, get it — what?? This belly-dancer-inspired headpiece makes us want to get up and shimmy with a snake on our shoulders, Britney style.

7. Capsule Ponytail Clip ($18): Perfect for a five-minute pony, this insanely rad gold ponytail clip amps up your plain black rubber band and features a clean, cylindrical design. Slick back your hair and add this for a sleek, minimal look!

8. Goddess Leaves Hair Crown ($28): Friends, Romans, country(wo)men, lend us your ears! Sport this structured headband in polished goldtone metal. Set atop your head, it features sculpted leaves near the front for a modern-day take on the laurel wreath.

9. Rose Gold Ponytail Barrette ($67): This curved metal barrette is perfect to cuff a curly low pony and will definitely ensure strong #ponygame.

10. Metal Flower Hair Tiara ($48): The pearl center of these goldtone peonies just pop! We love flower crowns for spring, summer or fall, but this metal piece will last through all seasons and definitely won’t wilt on your wedding day, especially if you’re planning wintertime nuptials.

11. Golden Feather Bobby Pin Set ($16): Birds of a feather flock together… and stay golden! Aren’t these bobby pins simply adorable?

12. Spike Chain Headpiece ($120): Good things come in threes! We love a statement necklace to add flair to our wardrobe basics, and this clip-on spike accent gives half-pony and full-pony styles an edgier look. We’ve also got a DIY-chain necklace ponytail style for you to check out!

13. Gold Starfish Bobby Pins ($16): Ahoy, mateys! These nautical bobby pins would be the perfect touch to sailor stripes and Sperrys.

14. Preforated Metal Barrette ($12): The tiny cutout detailing of this sleek hair clip in polished metal is ideal for a #wokeuplikedis ‘do — especially handy for mornings when your alarm clock doesn’t go off.

15. Annie Crystal Crown ($128): This is our kind of tiara! We adore the center stone of hand-cut Arizona turquoise accented on both sides with Arkansas quartz crystals. American made with an adjustable leather cord, it can also be layered atop your favorite hat to add a boho accent.

16. Gilded Glow Hair Tie ($11): The gold bar detailing and mega stretch elastic of this hair tie is the perfect way to update your pony!

17. Party Time Girl Talk Headband ($15): We don’t care if it’s our birthday or just Wednesday. This is becoming our signature accessory.

18. Little Leaf Headband ($14): Delicate and dainty, this sleek metal headband features a sculpted leaf crown to adorn your tresses, long or short. We love it with a gossamer, flowy top or simple shirtdress.

19. Geo Metal Goddess Chain Headwrap ($19): Paired with a maxi dress, could this look get any more effortless? This featherweight headpiece is the perfect go-to look for outdoor music festivals or the farmers market.

20. Cara Vintage Crystal Hair Comb ($39): The darling pink and amber sparkly stones set in a curved leaf design of this whimsical, ultra-girly gem-encrusted hair slide would add the right amount of glitz and innocence to an updo or low bun.

21. Stud Muffin Ponytail Holder ($6): We have a feeling this is the kind of scrunchie Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t mind wearing! Take your ponytail to the next level with this amazing silver studded ponytail holder with a hinge closure. Looks great with a bold lip color and winged eyeliner!

22. Ban.do Girl Talk Bobbi Pins ($15 each set): If boots were made for walkin’, these bobbi pins are made for talkin’! All good things come in threes, just like neapolitan ice cream! Each set comes with three bobbi pins that speak for themselves. Don’t forget to check out other Ban.do hair accessories in the B+C shop!

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