DIY Scarecrow Costume With Pieces from Your Own Closet

DIY Scarecrow Costume for Halloween

Do you ever look at the calendar and question the date? This seems to happen to me about once a month — like seriously, how is it already fall!? I just have to face the facts that time flies by and unfortunately there is no machine or app to stop it. Now, if you find yourself in the same time-warped hole, looking at the calendar wondering, “How is that Halloween party only five days away?" Then this DIY scarecrow costume is perfect for you.

A homemade scarecrow costume is an Halloween's classic!

Can we get a big round of applause for overalls coming back into style :) They are just so cute and easy to wear —bandeau/shirt + overalls and you are done! We purchased these overalls from American Bazi Long Overalls ($33) from Amazon and they are actually super cute! They do run small — so order TWO sizes up. No joke.

Use fabric scraps to hot glue or safety pin onto your overalls. Layer a plaid shirt underneath the overalls, then stuff the pockets with straw and fake leaves to complete the look.

It's really this easy to create this scarecrow costume

For the makeup, we used eyeliner to create sewn lines on the sides of her mouth and a patch on the nose. Use extra blush for bright pink circles on your cheeks and a bright lip just for funsies.

Top off this super easy and comfortable Halloween costume with a straw hat and a black puppy as your crow :)

Are you a last minute kind of gal? What costumes have you made in the hours before Halloween? Show us your DIY scarecrow costume or other creative project by tagging us on Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative and join our newsletter for more ideas!

Pixar’s 2015 animated film, Inside Out, was deemed by critics across the board as one of their most innovative conceptual masterpieces of all time, and Inside Out 2is getting just as much love! If you have yet to see this summer movie, you are missing out on an emotional, witty, and truly thought-provoking experience. We loved both movies so much here at B+C that we got a crew together for another Halloween costume extravaganza to recreate each original character IRL, and we’re passing along the ins and outs of how you can recreate them too.

Inside Out Halloween Costumes For 2024

Walt Disney Studios/Brit + Co

The best part about these Inside Out character costumes is, there's a good chance you already have a lot of the materials you need to dress up as each character at home. That means all you’ll need are an extra piece here or there to buy or DIY (that should make you jump for Joy).

How to Make an Inside Out Anger Costume

Brit + Co

Bryan, our Director of Video, is channeling his best scowl and slouchy posture. To get the foundation of this look, all you need is a pair of brown pants, a white button-down dress shirt and a gray tie.

Flaming Headpiece: Measure the circumference of your head with a piece of tape, then use that tape to cut out a headband made of glitter foam paper. For Bryan, I used two pieces glued together, and then trimmed off the rest. To create flames, cut out flame shapes on gold glitter foam paper as your base, then add a few red glitter foam flames on top in whatever fire pattern you like.

Makeup + Eyebrows: You could use face paint if you want, but I actually just used red eyeshadow on Bryan, which feels way more comfortable and tends to be easier to wear without smudging it. The eyebrows are also made from the red glitter foam paper and stuck on using eyelash glue.

Brit + Co

The Tie: To get the design on the tie, use painter’s tape to lay a zigzag pattern across the tie, then spray paint the tie red. If you happen to find a tie that has a similar color scheme and print and you would rather keep it simple, then you can skip this step.

Make An Inside Out DIY Fear Costume

Brit + Co

Our Associate Editor Sean can’t be any cuter! I mean!?!? To recreate Fear, grab a pair of dark purple skinny pants, a light blue dress shirt, a red bow tie and a pair of black or dark gray dress shoes.

Hair Curl + Eyebrows: Use glitter foam paper to cut out the curlycue hair piece. To keep it standing up straight, glue a toothpick on the backside of the swirl and attach to your hair using bobby pins.

Makeup: First, draw circles around your eyes using white eyeliner, then fill them in with white face paint. Add a little dark gray or black smudgy eyeliner and some mascara to make your eyes pop. Then grab a purple eyeshadow that has red undertones in it and stipple (aka gently tap) the product onto the rest of your face with a kabuki makeup brush. Make sure you’re careful not to get shadow on the white makeup. Again, you can use face paint, but it tends to be a little more high maintenance to keep in tact all night.

Brit + Co

Houndstooth Vest: If you can find a vest or sweater that you can cut into a vest, that’s the best route. I couldn’t find one anywhere, so instead I had to make it. Good news: It’s super easy to do. Grab houndstooth fabric, fold it in half over your body (be sure to cut out a place for your head!) and then draw lines on the fabric with chalk to mark the width of your body. Take the fabric off, flip inside out, then sew a half inch beyond where you marked — and leave room to make holes for your arms! You can always find a pattern to DL for something a little easier :)

How to Make a DIY Inside Out Joy Costume

Brit + Co

Marisa is the perfect Joy! Our Junior Designer is always walking around the office with the biggest smile on her face, and it didn’t stop here. For the base of this Inside Out character costume, grab a yellow dress and a pair of nude shoes. We found this dress at a thrift store!

THAT Hair: Now, you can buy a wig that is similar to this cut, but I am always an advocate for styling your own wig because it looks more natural. This originally was a light teal bob wig — I used a hair razor (you can find one at your local beauty supply store) to hack the sides off and to create the little stand-up hairs on the top of her head. Use a little wax on the ends of the hairs on top and on the side of your face to really drive up the look.

Makeup: Simple: Go with a heavy teal eyeliner or eyeshadow to help the wig pop.

Brit + Co

The Dress: Nab a couple teal blue and dark blue paint pens from your local art store to draw the flowers. I just eyeballed the design from the cartoon and drew the flower pattern on the dress using teal for the petals and then dark blue to outline then for a more defined, professional finish.

How to Make an Inside Out Disgust Costume

Brit + Co

I was not sure if it was a compliment or tease when Anj, our Creative Director, told me “OMG you will be the BEST at being Disgust” (hmmm… haha). Regardless, it was SO fun to wear this outfit for the day! The dress is from a thrift store as well as the belt (I got SO lucky finding almost an exact match). You can always get a green belt and add a white or lighter line down the middle with paint if you want to be really true to details.

Hair + Makeup: I found this sparkly green wig at a costume shop and cut a couple of inches off so it was the same length as the character’s. Green eyelashes are clutch — grab ’em while you’re at the costume store, too! For your eyebrows, use white eyeliner to fill them in and then use an angled eyebrow brush to brush on green eyeshadow so they match your eyelashes and wig. Finish off the look with orchid lipstick and practice your most gnarly facial expressions and you are set!

Scarf: Buy a quarter yard of a sparkly light purple tulle and cut it to the right length to tie around your neck.

Brit + Co

The Dress: You can use white fabric paint and a paint brush or paint pens to draw on the splattered, floral-like pattern.

Shoes: I could not for the life of me find fuchsia shoes anywhere, so I bought a pair of flats and spray painted them.

Make A DIY Inside Out Sadness Costume

Brit + Co

This is MY personal favorite character from Inside Out without a doubt, and I think a fan favorite across the board IRL as well. Sadness steals your heart in the first flick, and our DIY intern Brittany (aka BGriff) stole mine with her perfect channeling of this charismatic little gem of a character. All you need to recreate the look is blue tights, flat shoes and an oversized gray cowl neck sweater (super stoked to have found the perfect one at a thrift store — score!).

Makeup: This makeup is really simple: only add mascara and blue lipstick. The most important part here is to practice your pout! It is too good!!!

Brit + Co

The Hair: This wig is the blue version of the green wig Disgust is wearing, only it needed to be cut much shorter to fit the look. Use hair wax to style the bangs over to the side and along the ends of the wig so it looks more natural.

Big Glasses: Use a small glass to trace circles on black glitter foam paper and another slightly smaller glass to make the center circle. Cut them out and attach using eyelash glue at the bridge of your nose.

Walt Disney Studios/Brit + Co

We couldn’t resist!

Walt Disney Studios/Brit + Co

Obvs this is the perfect set of costumes for groups of all kinds. You can get everyone in on the action — get a group of the neighborhood kids together and be the show stopping group of the ‘hood with your minis rocking these looks, too!

Which Inside Out costume will you be wearing for Halloween 2024? Let us know on Facebook!

Images via Brit + Co/Walt Disney Studios

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Looking for something to throw on over your summer dresses? Or perhaps a good layering piece to add dimension to your matching set? We've got just the thing for you! Denim jackets, and more specifically white denim jackets, are my favorite way to add layers to an outfit, especially for any of those chilly, summer nights. From cropped cream jackets to white shirt jackets, we've got all the denim picks laid out for you from places like Zara, Target, Banana Republic, and more!


Gap Icon White Denim Jacket

I'm more of a straight fit girly myself, favoring a jacket that's not too oversized and not too slim, so this one's perfect for me! It's a straight and easy fit that with longer sleeves and less tailoring than most slim-fit jackets. It's on sale too, which I love to see!

Old Navy

Old Navy Classic Jean Jacket (White)

A high quality denim jacket for under $30? Say no more, I'm adding to cart immediately! It's a steal of a deal, and they're also doing free shipping for orders over $100 right now. I could definitely add a few more Old Navy dresses to go with this jacket and earn free shipping!


Zara Z1975 Denim Jacket

If you don't like the super thick material of some jackets, then I'd highly recommend this shirt jacket form Zara. It's incredibly lightweight and airy; perfect to throw on over any outfit when you're in a rush!


J.Crew White Denim Jacket

Quick! Run to grab this because it's a little over 30% off right now with their summer sale! J.Crew's quality is 10/10, and their style is always on point.


Target Women's Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket

Target slays the day again, ladies and gentleman! They have so many good options for the summer months, and this cream, cropped jacket is no different! It's got a nice cutoff at the ends too, giving it a more rough, distressed look that I love.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Factory Classic Denim Jacket

You can't go wrong with a classic! This is your perfect, slim-fitting white jacket that you can wear for years to come. I have one exactly like this that I'll never get rid of because it's a timeless piece.

Forever 21

Drop-Sleeve Denim Trucker Jacket

This oversized denim is sure to become your next wardrobe jacket staple. The oversized, more masculine fit would look great as a juxtaposition to a more feminine silhouette like a mini dress. I love mixing and matching styles to create a unique, more dimensional look!


J.Crew Factory Classic Denim Jacket

J.Crew Factory — AKA J.Crew's outlet store with have super discounted pieces at amazing prices — knocked it out of the park with this white denim jacket. This was originally over $100, and is now $68! That sounds like a great deal to me!


H&M Cropped Jacket

This cropped jacket from H&M will become the only jacket you need in your wardrobe this summer! It will go with so many different outfits and combinations, from a flowy summer dress to a tank and shorts. The beauty is in its versatility!


Zara Cropped Cream White Jacket

It's cropped, it's cream, and it's oh-so-cute! Zara nailed it again with this under $60 dollar find that is probably our most unique jacket in this roundup! Fun fact: You can also wear it as a matching set with the matching cream pants!

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Lead Image via J.Crew

If you follow along on B+C, you’ve seen and admired our canine model, Turkey Temple (one of my favorite pet names, TBH). He is definitely a turkey by trade but clearly not by species. It seems like an obvious choice, but this was Turkey’s first time dressing up as a turkey for Halloween. Spooky season might be over, but it's *always* a good idea to dress your dog up for Thanksgiving if they don't mind!!

I’ve been making a lot of pet costumes this year, but this one has been high on my list for a long time. With some felt and One-Wrap Velcro, we created this pet costume in no time at all. Does your pet have a goofy name? Try dressing them up as their name, and make sure you snap photos and share them with us on Instagram! Oh, and don't forget to check out our 46 Cute Dogs Guaranteed To Make You Smile, too!

How To Make A Dog Turkey Costume

Tools And Materials:

  • red, orange, yellow and white felt
  • cardboard
  • One-Wrap Velcro
  • pen
  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue gun


1. Draw large, long oval feathers on your yellow felt. Stack the yellow felt on top of the orange felt and cut them both out. Next, draw a curved rectangular shape on the white felt and cut it out.

2. Hot glue the white rectangular shapes to the feathers, then glue the feathers to one another to create a fan shape.

3. Glue a horizontal strip of cardboard to the back of the feathers to help them stand upright.

4. Hot glue a piece of felt to each edge of the feathers and attach a strip of One-Wrap Velcro that is long enough to wrap around your dog’s belly.

5. Cut out a gobble from red felt and attach some One-Wrap Velcro.

Draw 12 long feathers on your yellow felt. Stack the yellow felt on top of the orange felt and cut out your feathers. Cut 12 white curved rectangular pieces to accent the feathers.

Glue the white pieces to the feathers and then glue the feathers to one another into a fan shape.

Attach a long strip of cardboard to the back of the feathers to help them stand up straight once the dog turkey costume is assembled.

Hot glue a piece of felt to each edge of the feathers and attach a strip of One-Wrap Velcro that is long enough to wrap around your dog’s belly.

Draw a gobble onto a piece of red felt, cut it out and glue it to a small piece of One-Wrap Velcro.

Hey Turkey — here’s your turkey costume!

Attach the gobble to your dog by wrapping the One-Wrap Velcro around the collar.

Cutest turkey I ever did see!

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I had so many questions when Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn split in April 2023. How can I ever listen to "New Year's Day" again? Does this mean love isn't "golden" like the popstar sings in "Daylight"? Well, it turns out that Joe himself had just as many questions, if not more, about the breakup.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Joe Alwyn, who stars with Emma Stone in Kinds of Kindness, in theaters June 21, gave rare insight into his personal life during an interview with The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

“I would hope that anyone and everyone can empathize and understand the difficulties that come with the end of a long, loving, fully committed relationship of over six and a half years,” Joe says in the interview. “That is a hard thing to navigate. What is unusual and abnormal in this situation is that, one week later, it’s suddenly in the public domain and the outside world is able to weigh in.”

The actor is a very private person, and he says having such an intimate part of his life become front page news (even more than normal) was difficult to navigate.

“You have something very real suddenly thrown into a very unreal space: tabloids, social media, press, where it is then dissected, speculated on, pulled out of shape beyond recognition," he continues. "And the truth is, to that last point, there is always going to be a gap between what is known and what is said. I have made my peace with that.”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Department is all about life following their split (as well as her relationship with Matty Healy). "So Long, London" is a heartbreaking yet angry goodbye at the life the couple built together, while "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" addresses an audience who's watched her perform love songs at the Eras Tour since the split.

However, the album isn't a total sob fest, with songs like "The Alchemy" and "So High School" celebrating her new relationship with Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce. I can't wait to see what other love songs Taylor has for us in the future — because no matter what, I do still believe that love is "golden."

Let us know your favorite song from TTPD in the comments and check out This Taylor Swift Karma Release Date Theory Is Too Good Not To Believe for all the TS12 news you need to know.

Lead images via Jon Kopaloff/Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Anthony and Hyacinth Bridgerton might be my favorite onscreen Bridgerton relationship, but behind the scenes, Luke Thompson and Claudia Jessie take the cake. These two are hilarious together in every interview, and their bond is so strong that they seem like siblings IRL! During an interview with The View for Bridgerton season 3, Luke Thompson revealed that his friendship with Claudia makes filming the hit Netflix series way easier.

Golda Rosheuvel and Luke Thompson On 'Bridgerton' Season 3 | The View

When talking about his bond with his Bridgerton cast mates, Luke Thompson credits the show's casting directors Kelly Hendry and Cole Edwards for putting them all together. "A lot of us have just mainly done theatre," he says. "All of us, it was our first big gig, so we felt all in it together, and I guess, also, we're just a bunch of Brits being looked after by Americans."

Luke Thompson just starred in Love's Labour's Lost at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, while Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) recently starred in The Shape of Things at the Park Theatre and Jonathan Bailey had a role in Gielgud Theatre's Company as Jamie in 2018.

"When you get good chemistry, that's like 80 percent of the job, isn't it?" Luke continues. "I have scenes with Claudia where I think, 'Oh I just need to show up and learn the lines.' It doesn't feel like work!"

There's truly nothing like those friendships that click instantly. Claudia Jessie and Luke Thompson's characters — the outspoken Eloise and artistic Benedict, respectively — are one of the series' incredibly written relationships. They know each other in every way, and aren't afraid to both be vulnerable and to push each other towards better versions of themselves. Their late night chats on the swings are some of the most memorable parts of the show, and I can't wait to see what else the writers have up their sleeves for these characters!

What's your favorite moment from Luke Thompson and Claudia Jessie (and Benedict and Eloise)? Check out Lady Whistledown Just Teased The Bridgerton Season 4 Couple for the latest news on season 4!

Lead image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images