It’s Saturday morning, and that means two things: You get to sleep in and you’ve got a brunch to attend. Catch up on all of this week’s tech, celeb, beauty, kid, food and creativity news that went down Monday through Friday that you *might* have missed because you’re a busy gal. Make it to the bottom and you’re sure to impress all of your friends gathered at the brunch table.

1. Let’s Play Celebrity: Weddings, music, awards shows and more occurred this week for celebs. We learned that Allison Williams skipped the Emmys because she got married, and MTV’s Rob Dyrdek got married too. Need more celeb hot topics? We’ve got ’em. Lea Michele revealed her journal book, Kanye shared his dislike of 3D printing, Ryan Reynolds struggled with IKEA instructions, we got deets on Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James brick-and-mortar store, Disney princesses swapped with other Disney princesses and we recreated the outfits from the “Feeling Myself” vid for Halloween. Most important of all, Taylor Swift’s “1989” is back on Spotify thanks to Ryan Adams’ cover album!

2. Child Chatter: So much baby news this week! Ivanka Trump shared she’s pregnant with her third, Leighton Meester gave birth, Ashlee Simpson gave us a first look at her daughter, Kristin Cavallari hinted her third child’s name is canine-inspired and Tiffani Thiessen let us get a peek at her Star Wars-themed nursery. Other than all of those mini moments, we also learned details about the “real” Barbie, got a look at Restoration Hardware’s teen line, chatted with a kid’s app designerand discovered the latest (and greatest) social media trend, #PotterItForward. P.S. for all you Halloween preppers, we’ve got some maternity and infant costume ideas for you.

3. Tech Talk: The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have arrived (and an Apple car is coming)! Make sure you understand Apple’s upgrade program, and where you can get one for $5 (!!). Other tech happenings this week included the Google Science Fair, a Facebook “Dislike” button scam, a creepy Instagram update, the debut of block and unsubscribe on Gmail, Hillary Clinton emoji and Facebook 360 Video. We also got some interesting tech studies this week involving Instagram, Netflix and app usage. (Photos via Andrew Federman)

4. Style Session: Kendall Jenner got a nipple piercing, Hillary Clinton was turned into nail art, the man braid is a thing, Keke Palmer shared her ultimate lipstick hack and Hailee Steinfeld, Hilary Duff and Ariana Grande switched up their hair! Besides all of those beauty upgrades and trends, we also uncovered the secret to bold brows, what makeup to wear this weekend, the most wearable weird fashion trends, the beauty trends Brit girls love, why bobby pins are over, a 30-second makeup hack, the must-have product for silky soft hair, double vision makeup, a wedding dress that has been passed down for 120 years and how to get Olivia Pope shoes on a budget. This week also brought beauty news that puts you on the cover of Elle, a dress that 900 people are on a waitlist for, Netflix for shoes, a Reformation wedding collection, Stella McCartney’s lingerie line, a minimalist plus-size clothing company, a collab from Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani, CoverGirl’s selfie-ready makeup and soles that let you wear shoes without socks.

5. Breaking Bread: You guys, there’s now a selfie spoon! Yay or nay? Don’t worry, that wasn’t the only foodie find we uncovered over the past seven days. We learned that wine has many health benefits, while honey may not be all that healthy for us. Also, Starbucks introduced a new fall flavorandmobile ordering, while Burger King unveiled its multi-company Peace Day burger. We also got to check out a 3D printer for gummies, two handfuls of futuristic kitchen gadgets, the #1 rub for steaks and a super cool cocktail stirrer that turns anyone into a mixologist.

6. Creative Convo Starters: This week brought all kinds of inspo in all avenues of your life. Most importantly, you’re gonna want to become a bone marrow donor after reading our Community Editor’s first-person piece. Once you have a heart-to-heart with your pals about that, check out the most popular Halloween costumes (and these #girlboss ones), the self-rolling yoga mat, a bride who took her own wedding photos, insights into why you have job blues, how you can turn Legos into furniture and why Sweden’s six-hour work days work so well.

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