Roll out of bed, put on your best brunch look, catch up on all of this week’s news you might have missed because you had an insanely busy week and get to gossiping with your gals and guys all afternoon. With all the things that went down this week you may not even realize how many mimosas or Bloody Marys you’ve downed by the time your convos are complete.

1. Let’s Play Celebrity: This week Ivanka Trump served up career advice, Dave Franco got engaged, Lena Dunham started a new hashtag, Jennifer Aniston rocked J.Crew for her wedding (and Blake Lively wore Marchesa), Nicki Minaj + Lindsay Lohan both attended weddings, Julianne Hough showed off that engagement sparkler and the Beckham family was just *adorable*. There were also some fun crossovers this week — Jennifer Lawrence x Kris Jenner (and BFF Amy Schumer movie news) and Taylor Swift met everyone’s crush Ruby Rose. P.S. Don’t forgot to have some pre-VMAs gossip and pop culture Halloween prep (Inside Out FTW), too. (Photo via @krisjenner)

2. Child Chatter: Need-to-knows in the baby department this week — a New Girl actor welcomes a new boy and Lucy Liu introduced us to her li’l guy. For those in your group (including you, possibly) that aren’t in a rush for a newborn anytime soon, go the pet route by getting some inspo from a couple’s baby-themed dog photoshoot or deciding on a wacky name for your dog and/or cat. (Photo via Elisha Minnette)

3. Tech Talk: In prep for Apple’s Septemberevent, there were plenty of iOS-centered tech happenings this week, from a weeklong battery rumor to a fix for those blurry photos on the 6 Plus to a peek at the next round of emojiand tips for speeding up your phone. Instagram also had some pretty good and bad updates this week. Good news is you can now upload landscape and portrait snaps directly to the app (YAY) and bad news is you can’t make custom locations anymore (womp womp). Other techy news you need to DL your girls on is Google’s new router, Facebook’s personal digital assistant, a dating app that schedules those dates for you, Dance Moms app, a new book subscription service, an essential road trip site and a newsletter that intros you to new music. Most importantly though, let your engineer GFs know all about Sheryl Sandberg’s new initiative, the #wogrammer. (Photo via Instagram)

4. Style Session: If your posse hasn’t been shopping at Goodwill, why not?! Once you convince all your besties they need to shop there you can go down the laundry list of everything that occurred in the beauty and fashion sphere this week. Throughout the past few days, we uncovered Taylor Swift’s famous looks recreated on one gal, the most Googled beauty AND hair questions, the most popular bags in every state and the most popular hair styles on dating sites. If that’s not enough, peeps at a Harry Potter-themed lipstick line, Olivia Palermo’s makeup collection, Carrie Underwood’s NYFW looks, J.Crew’s new sneaks, Lupita’s mani/pedi ‘grams, Emma Watson’s fall style, the Olsen twins’ dry shampoo and a ring protector will have you talking. Since we’re sure that’s still not enough stylish topics of conversations, there were also some major revelations this week. Apparently air drying isn’t good for your hair (but biotin + slightly damaging it is), black eyeliner isn’t the best look, Forever 21 isn’t *just* for 21-year-oldsand the high ponytail is the look of the summer. Now go run and tell all of that. (Photo via Goodwill)

5. Breaking Bread: First things first: Reese Witherspoon gifted Taylor Swift with the cutest baked goods, #catcakes. We want a dozen for ourselves and we’re sure you and your crew will too. More food fun that went down this week included the debut of two new Frappuccino flavors (only around until September 7), Pop-Tarts beer, Amazon’s alcohol delivery service, a healthier Target cafe menuandPSL in M&M form. (Photo via @reesewitherspoon)

6. Creative Convo Starters: Do your brunchmates work in one of the best job fields for women? Did they know working with a lot of men can be a detriment to their health? Are they aware that women recover better post-breakup? Would your mimosa partners want to know what their fave scent says about their personality? These topics and more (i.e. printable VMA bingo cards, biggest wedding day mistakes from brides, September book club picks and #girlbosses) should be discussed in-depth over your weekend meal. Now get to chatting and get to planning that trip to Re:Make.

What else will you be chatting about over brunch this weekend? Share those topics with us in the comments.