You’ve waited all week for this moment… it’s finally brunch time! Pre-meal, get up to speed on all of this weeks’ newsyou might have missed. It’s fun to sip cocktails and indulge in eggs benedict, but it’s even better to contribute to all the convos going down at the table. So check out all of this week’s hot topics below to ensure you’re more than ready for all the discussions.

1. Let’s Play Celebrity: In celeb world, this weekend is all about the Emmys! But this week was also about a variety of others famous face topics leading up to the awards show for television. For example, we found out Mindy Kaling wants to write a romcom for Tina Fey, the reason Sofia Vergara isn’t having bridesmaids at her wedding, Jessica Biel’s plans for a sex ed web series, Bonnie McKee’s songwriting process and Ashley Tisdale’s career advice from Lauren Conrad(who also shared a wedding vid honoring her first anniversary). Since we’re sure that isn’t enough pop culture chatter for you, you should also be discussing the adorableness that is ABC reporter Gio Benitez’s engagement shots and a couple’s 101 Dalmatians engagement shoot, the coolness that is Ellen Page and her girlfriend’s matching red carpet looks and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s wedding vid-turned-movie trailer, and the chicness that is Kristin Cavallari’s baby bump bridesmaid look and Caitlyn Jenner’s newly redecorated Malibu home. Finally, get some Halloween inspo courtesy of The Grand Budapest Hotel characters. (Photo via Melissa Biggerstaff/Rusty Lion Art)

2. Child Chatter: Aside from the heartwrenching moment that was Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen sharing their fertility issues, this week served up some creative fun in the kid department. We got plenty of inventive pregnancy announcement videos — a video game-themed one, an Apple Watch prank version and even a spooky take on the reveal. In addition to all of that content, other topics worth discussing are Disney’s gender label-free Halloween costumes, the states that are the best and worst to have a baby in, a new organization ideal for breastfeeding moms on the go and an eight-year-old 3D printed smartwatch maker. Wrap up the convo with a laugh — these parents copied their daughter’s selfies.

3. Tech Talk: Very important news: If you didn’t hear, a “Dislike” button is *finally* coming to Facebook. In other social media news, Snapchat gave your selfies a playful upgrade, Twitter is letting you tweet political donations (did you watch the GOP debate?), your FB friends can now see you ignore their event invites (it might be time to tighten that FB privacy), Pinterest teamed up with Topshop and the most popular fashion brands on Instagram were revealed. Outside of social media, we got plenty of new apps. Like the debut of Kylie and Kim’s, dating apps for Netflix watchers and bacon lovers and even a purring generator. For Apple lovers, there was news of potentially being able to *finally* delete those unwanted Apple apps, how you may be charging your iPhone wrong (and a way to improve its battery life) and even a bunch of new iPhone tricks. Finish up the tech talking with a cool Samsung phone concept (a foldable smartphone), badass wireless headphones that charge themselves and your group’s dream list of tech women films that need to be made.

4. Style Session: Like usual, a lot of celebs switched up their hair since last weekend. Get some inspo from OITNB‘s Dascha Polanco’s rose gold cut, Ciara + Rita Ora’s new ‘dos, Katy Perry’s light red, Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga and Taraji P. Henson’s bangs, the latest hair trend (glass hair coloring) and maybe, just maybe, a budding man bun. Whether you choose to switch up your look or not after taking a peek at all of those ‘dos, you should definitely order these clear, snag-free hair ties. Celeb hair wasn’t the only inspo-worthy beauty moments this week as we uncovered three empowering social media trends. One came from Whitney Port (#OurCleanSkinIsIn) and the others are #MyBodyMyTerms and #InMySkinIWin. NYFW also served up plenty of fashion moments (obviously) like Lane Bryant’s latest campaign, Project Runway‘s first all plus-size runway, the debut of face jewelry and Ireland Baldwin’s latest tatt, and Tory Burch’s athleisure line. Aside from all that, we got peeks at a new BHLDN line, the French girl UNIQLO collab, Rihanna’s Puma shoes, J.Crew’s “Always List,”a revolutionary Kickstarter bra, a spot to test out wedding bands and a coffee-based beauty product. Also, Lupita Nyong’o slayed her Vogue cover shoot (duh). (Photo by Yuko Torihara/Getty)

5. Breaking Bread: So much happened in the food universe this week, namely Khloe Kardashian taught us her Pinworthy cookie jar hack. The past few days also brought us a first look at the boozy Taco Bell of your dreams, rainbow Doritos and gin made with unicorn tears, 7-11 hangover/date night packs, an automated Chipotle competitor, a pumpkin sandwich from Starbucks and pizza ice cream. YES, pizza ice cream!

6. Creative Convo Starters: If you or your brunch buds are having a hard time deciding on a wedding photog, take a cue from this bride. Once you’re done scrolling through that impressive photo album, share some inspiring and life-altering findings about cursive writers, ideal vacation lengths, how your emotions change the way you see colors, what you should be doing when you’re having a bad day and which colleges are worth the money. See you next week at the mimosa-fueled table!

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