Sunday Funday indeed. After getting potentially a little too crazy last night, it’s time for the best pick-me-up ever — Sunday brunch. In between bottomless mimosas and/or extravagant Bloody Marys, you and your lady friends better be busy talking about all of the things that went down this past week. After the greetings, please make your first topic Sandra Bland. It’s important your girls and guys get informed if they aren’t already. If you’re not fully prepped for all the info that could be spilled at the table, skim the hot topics below on your way to your noon reservation and you’ll be sure to walk away from brunch the most well-rounded gossiper at the table ;)

jaime king baby

1. Child Chatter: So here’s the tea on the kid news you need to spill with your girls. Jaime King gave birth to her second son + gave him the cutest name (that means Taylor is officially a godmother!), Reese’s son provided plenty of pattern inspo for guys + gals of any age, Prince George + Riley Curry both celebrated their birthdays and Kim K revealed a secret to beating morning sickness. Oh, and there were two collabs the little ones will love: Ellen x GapKids + Paperless Post x Disney — get to ordering, moms/dads/aunts/uncles! (Photo via @jaimeking)

laverne cox caitlyn jenner

2. Celeb Convos: Like always, the famous people amongst us provided plenty to gossip about at brunch. From weighing in on the Nicki/Taylor VMA-related Twitter spat (way to make something not about you about you, Miss Swift) to imagining what new BFFs Caitlyn + Laverne discussed to speculating what will be posted on Ashley Tisdale’s blog and Karlie Kloss’s YouTube channel to wishing you got an invite to that Kylie/Kendall grad party, surely there will be lively conversations. As if that’s not enough, you + your gals are more than likely gonna fawn over some romantic moments that went down too — Ed Sheeran’s proposal assistance, Shawn Johnson’s engagement, Fantasia’s wedding + David Beckham’s tat tribute to Victoria. Then finish up that pre-brunch chat with promises you’ll be joining Rebel Wilson’s no-sugar challenge, daydreaming about living life like Grace Kelly’s granddaughter and promising you’ll all watch the Angelina original Netflix movie together. (Photo via @lavernecox)


3. StyleSession: First things first: Limited Too is coming back!!! Okay, now that we got that out of the way we can chat about other things that went down in the fashion/beauty universe over the past week — like a new Amazon rival. Your girls will probably be pumped to hear about Alexa Chung’s denim line, T.Swift’s clothing collection, Kate Spade’s active + loungewear, an all-trans modeling agency, Ashley Graham’s buyable lingerie, Andreja Pejić’s new campaign and Rihanna’s fragrance. But besides all of that stylish news, there was a double dose of inspo that went down as well. Scroll through Gabrielle Union’s vacay style, peep at Rachel McAdams + Cara Delevingne’s cutouts, consider Amy Poehler or Kelly Osbourne’s new ‘dos, check out the #DropTheTowel hashtag and try out multimasking (or go wild with fire hair). Drop the best news last: a suitcase that has a shelf built into it. Yeah, we need that immediately. (Photo via @theashleygraham)

emoji movie

4. Tech Talk: Other than a price increase coming to Netflix, everything in the e-world was giving us all the feels — like getting Gap delivered to your hotel room. Etsy revealed some badass stats about lady entrepreneurs, Instagram gave us #curvy back, at-home fertility testing is getting easier, Forever 21 is turning your selfies into huge fabric photos and it was revealed there’s gonna be an emoji movie! YES! There were also plenty of cool new apps/updates like Send (email a la WhatsApp), an all-encompassing GIF option and GoPro integrating with Meerkat. Oh, and there’s an Instagram-like social media channel that’s filled with only dogs c/o BarkBox. <3

Mocha Coconut Frappuccino

5. Breaking Bread: The breaking news of the return of a fan fave Frappuccino flavor + McDonald’s all-day breakfast being all-but-confirmed should be enough to get your girls pumped for the rest of Sunday Funday. But if not, more deliciousness was revealed this week. You can now easily make latte art at home and find recipes by swiping. Better yet, there’s now an easy way to actually put that phone down at dinner thanks to a placemat. TY IKEA. (Photo via Starbucks)

handsome us cities

6. Creative Convo Starters: Here’s what you need to know + discuss: the most handsome men can be found here, the best age to get married may surprise you, there’s proof spending money on experiences over things is better, Mindy Kaling has some advice for writer’s block and there’s an athletic secret to a stronger relationship. Voice your opinions at the brunch table ;)

What will you be chatting about over some mimosas and brunch? Let us know in the comments.