The weekend is so much better than the week. Not because you don鈥檛 have to commute to work for five days, but for the simple fact that Saturday and/or Sunday involve the most important meal(s) of the week: brunch! The midday food + drink session isn鈥檛 complete without a little BFF gossip and discussions about the past week in news. If you were far too busy to keep up with everything that went down this week, get to the bottom of this post and you won鈥檛 feel like you missed out on anything since your last gal-pal meetup. Happy catching up + drunk eating ;)

1. Let鈥檚 Play Celebrity: You better believe that celebs, like always, provided plenty to gossip about over brunch this week. We got treated to multiple romance-related moments 鈥 Ashlee Simpson鈥檚 wedding photos, Bachelorette Kaitlyn picked聽her man, Ed Sheeran helped聽with *another* proposal and Kylie + Demi redefined聽the ring finger. Famous folks also served up endless inspo M-F in the form of bod by Khloe, vacay like Amy + JLaw, an inspiring TED Talk from OITNB聽star Jackie Cruz and style/tattoo ideas from Ireland Baldwin. Romance and inspo aside, the most important events of the week were Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling鈥檚 birthday and the multiple previews of Fuller House that were revealed. 2016 can鈥檛 come soon enough! (Photo via @realevanross)

2. Child Chatter: So much baby news this week! But first, Taylor Swift met her godson! Other than that aww-inducing meet + greet, this week also brought us news of Mark Zuckerberg鈥檚 future daughter, the birth of Ashlee Simpson鈥檚 little lady, the arrival of Caitlyn Jenner鈥檚 newest granddaughter and the reveal of Zoe Saldana鈥檚 post-twins body. Also up for brunch discussion: Prince George鈥檚 unbelieveable treehouse, Sarah Michelle Gellar鈥檚 jiu jitsu daughter and David Beckham鈥檚 Harper-honoring tattoo. Since that鈥檚 not enough celeb kid news (is there ever really enough?), plenty was shared on social media this week, too. Like Amber Rose鈥檚 lessons to son Sebastian and two 鈥淲atch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)鈥-related stories, Kate Hudson + her son鈥檚 dance and the Riley Curry v. Leah Still adorable dance-off. While all of those celeb kids are extra brunch topic-worthy, don鈥檛 forget about the badass biotech mom, a new innovative car seat and the fact that the Brits are teaching their kids to code. Step it up, America. (Photo via @taylorswift)

3. Tech Talk: The return of the flip phone, you say? Arm your gals with iPhone rumors, battery tips + tricks and overheating prevention secrets this week instead of waxing poetic over that throwback device. Then share the latest Google feature, what鈥檚 heading to Netflix in August, a new GIF-making website + an LGBTQ-friendly directory, a smart shower curtain and the app that will answer all of your sex Qs. Above all, don鈥檛 forget to turn your BFFs on to the news of the latest banned Instagram hashtag, the hashtag being used to call out the lack of diversity in the tech industry and this week鈥檚 must-follows: @popculturegoespunk, @subwaybookreview + #FindtheGirlsOntheNegatives. (Photo via Google)

4. Style Session: Another week down, another handful of celebs showing off new hairstyles for us to fawn over. This week brought 鈥榙o debuts from Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Tisdale, Reese Witherspoon, Giuliana Rancic, Georgia May Jagger and even Macaulay Culkin. The hair-raisers didn鈥檛 stop there 鈥 we also uncovered hair tapestries, a fab bearded duo and the beginning of a man bun journey. The beauty world was on point this week too thanks to #thighreading, #scarrednotscared, Kaitlyn Bristowe鈥檚 mascara trick, the drugstore product that鈥檚 better than MAC and a century timelapse of Maybelline. From the fashion world, you + your ladies will probably be amped to chat about Tory Burch鈥檚 athleisure line, Kylie + Kendall鈥檚 shoe collection (+ Caitlyn鈥檚 fall-ready fashions), Target鈥檚 new affordable denim (denim-on-denim is having a moment), Melissa McCarthy鈥檚 line, Madewell鈥檚 latest collab, Adidas鈥檚 new teen line and Whitney Port鈥檚 QVC pieces. There was also plenty of inspiring fashion news this week for you to gush over at brunch c/o a potential Victoria鈥檚 Secret plus-size angel, Topshop鈥檚 body positive mannequins and Women鈥檚 Running聽covergirl Erica Jean (Schenk). (Photo via @kristin_ess)

5. Breaking Bread: We鈥檙e gathered here today to indulge in a sweet + savory meal. And gossip about how millennials are changing the culture of food (duh). Share with your table where to find the best pizza in the US, what those lines mean on solo cups, your fave kitchen looks from IKEA鈥檚 2016 catalog, how you鈥檙e dying to book a ticket to visit the Pantone Caf茅, the secret to drinking your way to better skin and an intelligent oven that will make everyone鈥檚 life easier. All while eating + sipping away. Bon app茅tit!

6. Creative Convo Starters: After you鈥檝e gotten all the small talk out of the way (and are several cocktails deep), it鈥檚 time to get down to business: becoming more creative. Share with your girls that being sarcastic actually makes them more creative (among other ways), let them know the day of the week they should be starting new habits, offer up some girlboss tips and stress to them how keeping a dream journal is important. Then wrap it up by urging them to learn how to code 鈥 who doesn鈥檛 wanna be nicknamed Coding Queen? 鈥 or at least encourage the start of a book club and a visit to Re:Make.

What will be the biggest topics of conversation at your brunch table this weekend? Share them with us in the comments.

(Photo via Brit + Co)